Human Story

“I believe that my husband and my son are not BORN, but a father and son who were destined to meet”

I believe in destiny…

Chris was a good kid in all his classes. In the 7th grade, in the middle of the 7th grade, another child received “Outstanding” in all subjects. How great Chris is, I also want to get A’s in all my subjects. A young man went to his teacher and said, “I want to be #1 in my school in 8th grade, what do I need to do to get A’s in all my subjects, how can I improve myself?” what?” asked… The young new teacher was very happy and started giving more tasks and guidance every Friday of the week. The next year, Chris was ranked #1 in school and received “Hons” in all his subjects… Of course he continued to excel. The teacher is proud to tell this story to his teachers and children.This year my son has been admitted to one of the Top 5 Boys’ Schools in Australia. There are many things that cannot be known. But diligent, high potential… Now is a very busy time with exams and homework. He got 3rd from the beginning in one lesson. How can I improve myself by going to my teacher? What task will I improve if I work more on it, and if you have time, could you give me some advice… The teacher couldn’t be happier. , my child was #1 in school. I like to guide you”…

The most interesting thing is that Chris’s teacher from twenty years ago, the same teacher that my son went to for advice, Chris and Jack and I found out yesterday while we were having dinner. I can’t believe it… Chris, congratulations… His son is going to tell the other teacher today. It’s happened… The teacher will be a big celebration too. I believe that fate exists… I believe that my husband and my son are father and son who were not born but met by fate…

I will send the best sparkling wine to that teacher… It is clearly shown that his sincerity towards the children always shines through the course of history.

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