People’s comments on the song “The Great Chinggis Khan” by THE HU band

The HU is a band from Mongolia that conquering the World by their heavy metal and traditional Mongolian throat singing. ‘The Great Chinggis Khan’ is one of their songs which is reached million views on YOUTUBE channel.  And now, Here is people’s comments on the song “Ikh Chinggis Khan” by The Hu band.

  • “I am Hungarian, they conquered my country 800 years ago, still I love this song. I understand their pride!”

“The most original, innovative band since Zepplin. I’m blown away at their skill. It’s amazing how they’ve incorporated their heritage and history into their music.”

“Whatever these guys do, they should never sing in a different language. Their language is powerful and intimidating as hell.”

“Play this song just before you go into a job interview. You will have no problem’s looking them straight into their eyes.”

“The kind of music that makes you feel pride for a culture you’re not even a part of.”

“The ancient Mongolian warriors sure were ruthless but man this song and its visuals exhibit such great rich history, I’m in love. Respect from Pakistan”

“If you’re afraid don’t do it
If you’re doing it don’t be afraid”
-Ghengis Khan

As an English man, I envy your pride. I wish we had the same in our hearts.

“I bend my knee and bow my head towards THE GREAT CHINGGIS KHAAN.”

“As much as many nations hate Chinggis Khaan today, you gotta respect the man. A military genius of his time and a leader capable of uniting the Steppes of his land into an unstoppable force.

“Also iirc there wasnt much inequality within his forces either, he didn’t really care about religions or genders(memory is hazy on that subject) and for those that didn’t resist, he was merciful towards.”

“Love and respect from India to my neighbor Mongols with whom we share a rich and very old history of traditions! The Great Khan is immortal, you just added another feather of honor to his hat of greatness.”

“Chinggis Khaan turned in his grave and uttered… THE HU WILL MAKE MONGOLIA GREAT AGAIN!”

“800 years ago: The Mongolians are coming! Noooooooo!
2021: The Mongolians are coming! Yessss!”

“Even though I am English and have nothing in common with Mongolia I still am a big fan of the Mongol culture and the badass personality of Chinggis/Genghis khan”

“This song makes me proud to be Mongolian. Which is weird, since I’m Chilean (South-American)”

“It’s so rewarding to understand a song after 3 years of studying Mongolian! Feels like i finally did something right. Thank you so much for the great music, can’t wait for the full CD”

“The Hu band makes me proud to be a Mongolian, even if I’m Dutch. Swing it out sisters!”

“God bless the eternal Khan Ghinggis Khaan. God bless all the children of the steppes.”

“The Hu is the best thing that could happen to modern music. Can’t stop playing them out loud.”

“Sometimes i wish chinggis khan would come back again. and yes iam from germany. absolute fan. love you guys”

“This song makes me proud to be Mongolian even though i’m Indonesian”

“After this finished I felt the urge to unite all the tribes under the eternal Blue sky”

“Chinggis ruled the world with his sword, Now Hu is on with its songs”

“Everyone can say that the Mongols were really reallly really powerful”

“Chinggis Khan the Man who tried to Guide the humanity in the right path”

“I don’t care what your ethnicity is, where you are from, your race, upbringing, this song just wakens the natural warrior inside.”

Iraqi but loved this art
“Truth to be told no one was ready to fight this man. Man of war”

“Can you imagine how much more land the Khans would’ve conquered if they had The Hu to listen to back in ancient times?”

“I am so happy for them that they are being recognized. They produce epic music, it’s ancient. This band should be worldwide popular for their raw art”
No wonder china built the wall.. The throat singing is powerful that could lift the spirit of a warrior such majestic talent in this vast universe is rare save your ancestral treasure it could dominate the world of music.. ”


“They’re really good, don’t understand a word they’re saying but their song is giving me goosebumps”

“There is some force in the Mongols that is intoxicating, I feel it with all my heart as a member of the also old warrior tribe of Croats.

“The Great Chinggis Khaan would approve this song in a heartbeat !”

“OMG! This song gives me goosebumps!! The history and power behind it is awesome. Ever since I heard Yuve Yuve Yu, I have been fascinated by Mongolian music, food and history. I am reading a book now called, Genghis Khan And The Making Of The Modern World. I just started reading it so I don’t have any idea what all it will reveal! I’m learning that Genghis Kahn was not just some blood thirsty conquerer, like I learned in school. I’m so glad to have found out about The Hu!!”

“Hunnu rock from Mongolia and the K-pop of South Korea are making their marks on the world of music.”

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