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US Marine R. Hosbayar: The American President received us with his family

-Army is the test of manhood. It is through the army that the country trains, hardens, educates and develops its men. But where will he serve in the American army?

– I qualified for the US Army in 2002. I had many options, but I wanted to challenge myself by joining the Marine Corps (Marine Corps), considered the best in America. TPP has the highest criteria. Because they have the ability to fight anywhere in the air, on the ground, in the water. Therefore, the healthiest, most intellectually capable and physically developed young people will be selected.

Young people seem to talk and imagine that it is very easy to serve in the American army. In this country with a population of 300 million people, only one percent of the population, or 3 million people, will serve in 5 military fields (including TNSC). Of those 3 million troops, only 7 percent are Marines. So this is a big selection and a big competition. The position will be closed only after being selected from among the competition. That is why I am very proud.

– What is the reason for choosing the Marines or Marines as better than others? We have imaginations that we see in movies. It seems that there are highly trained and qualified people.

– The Marine Corps is considered to be the most highly specialized army in the United States. Unlike the other branches of the military, they report directly to the President of the United States. Former US President R. Reagan said, “People ask themselves what have I accomplished in this life, but the Marines never ask that question.” Because they are the only ones who fully mobilize themselves and live to the fullest of their potential.” TTC people like this word and often quote it. People of TTC perform the most difficult task in the most difficult place in the world.


– That’s why TTC employees have their own ethics and standards.

– Height is required when choosing here. No previous criminal convictions or police investigations, as well as multiple tattoos. They are expected to be the most exemplary and impeccable in dress, culture, etiquette, relationships and behavior. Lying, stealing and not being punctual are considered the worst. TYATs shave their beards every day, trim their hair regularly, wear clean clothes, and refrain from smelling anything. Just imagine.

-Preparing for such a special army requires very strict requirements and discipline.

– They prepare really hard for TTC. There were times when I thought, “To be tortured like this…” But later, I realized that this discipline and torture is a guarantee of survival in any war, when I participated in the Iraq war. When I was fighting in Iraq, this preparation seemed easier to me. Thanks to this preparation, he was able to survive 3 days in water and 2 days without any food and overcome all difficulties. This training gives you confidence in war and the hope of returning home alive. The ability to bathe in 10 liters of water in 20 seconds is normal. Sniper shooting at 500 m, swimming 1.5 km in the sea, running at full speed for 5 km, 20 stretches without movement on the turnstile, skydiving at night are the only guarantees of our survival during the war. All this training will train us to follow orders from above and to do everything reflexively in the given situation.

– The main pride of being a TTC?

– All over America, TTC employees are considered to be the most trustworthy and reliable people. That’s why I’m more interested in recruiting them to school and work. An additional 15 points are added to a person who has served in the Ministry of Education and Culture when filling out an application for employment or school admission. Imagine that most of the employees of the top 10 companies in the United States, most of the employees of the police and special services of the United States are members of the National Security Service. A guy who served with me is now running for governor of a state.

This is proof that you have a lot of faith in them and a lot of trust in their skills.

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