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Chinese citizen Bichun: I don’t regret leaving everything behind the career I built in China and coming to Mongolia

I was working in a large national company in China. The salary is very high, but with it comes a lot of pressure. But that pressure has nothing to do with work, I like my work.

Even though my boss was a woman, she always required the young women working under her to go out to eat and drink with high-ranking, rich, old men, and to sing karaoke in the evening. Almost like a table maid. I quit my job voluntarily after my boss pressured me to go to the hot spring together.

At that time, my best Mongolian friend invited me to travel around Mongolia to relieve stress. And after traveling in the countryside of Mongolia for only 14 days, he came back free from all the stress. Even my relative’s younger brother was surprised that you have become more beautiful after seeing my face. Then, when I got a new job and had been working for 1 year, my Mongolian friend offered to open a bubble tea shop with me, and I immediately agreed without any hesitation.

I wanted to try myself in a new place and do new things, and I felt very comfortable and peaceful in Mongolia. Chinese people are very competitive in terms of their careers, and mine was also very high. My family didn’t like it when I left my job and career there and went to Mongolia to run a small and cute bubble tea shop.

My Chinese friends always ask why it’s a difficult place to be Mongolian, and I answer that it’s because I feel really free to be here. When I came to live in Mongolia, I had to live with my friend’s family for a while. Mom and Dad sometimes don’t wake us up until noon, which is so cute. In China, we always wake up early, no matter if it’s a full moon day.

I also liked the fact that my friend lives separately and talks to her parents on the phone every day, even though it’s not really necessary. Because in the past, I used to contact my father on holidays or once a month, and I had a somewhat distant relationship.

Taking an example from my friend, I started talking to my father on the phone as much as possible. I started to accept my father’s coldness as just his personality.

It seems like the best thing I did in my life was following my friend to Mongolia for a vacation. I love my current life.

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