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The Angel of cake making, M. Naranchimeg

M. Naranchimeg who took the lead in the international contest that develops cake making as an art and tests the artist’s skills. He won the first place in the SWEET EASY category of the GATSBY-themed competition of international cake makers held in England. Dessert artisans from 62 countries participated in the competition.

M. Naranchimeg, who is already known to Mongolians because of her Saran cake, previously participated in the 40th International Cake Exploration Society (ICES) meeting and show in the United States and won the third prize.

– Have you already started making cakes?

– Our family celebrates every holiday by setting the table. I think it also makes the family breathe better. At this time, I make my own cakes instead of buying them from the store. In fact, I started making cakes in 2010. Cakes are made for special occasions such as family anniversaries and friends’ birthdays. After that, people who saw my cake asked me to order it. And since 2012, we started taking orders.

– Have you counted how many cakes you have made so far?

– I have never counted. Not only a single cake, but also a variety of cookies, cupcakes, napoleons, walnut cakes, etc., I have lost count (laughs).

– He said that he won the third place in the international competition with his work. Tell me more about this?

From July 30th to August 2nd last year, ICES (International Cake Exploration Society) participated in the 40th competition of the International Cake Artists’ Society in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

This association was established in 1975 and since then has held annual meetings, conferences, exhibitions and shows. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Omaha Hilton. As for me, I am a member of this association, and this year I represented Mongolia and took third place.

– I really liked how you showed Mongolian life in your work, not just flowers and leaves. Did you come up with this idea yourself?

– Of course, he came up with the idea himself. I usually imagine before creating. It’s nice to see that dream come true. As for the competition piece, I placed the Mongolian national motif and the fiddle on the top. Also, to show the Mongolian family, the king, queen, son and daughter were drawn on candy and taken away. Unfortunately, on the way to America, the girl’s picture was damaged, so I went there and made a three-layer cake.

My goal was not to place or win. I just wanted to introduce Mongolia to foreigners by making a Mongolian-style cake. I was standing there not expecting to get a place, but I was really happy when my name was called for third place. In particular, I was most happy to see the national flag of Mongolia.

– Looking at the first three winning works, the work of the first-placed Japanese participant seemed to catch my eye. But the work that won the second place is easy and simple in terms of craftsmanship, and to be honest, it is doubtful that you won the second place, your work seems to be much better. What are your thoughts on this?

– The work of the first place was a wonderful work with a lot of small tweaks. This is the work of a 53-year-old Japanese woman named Masako Tomiko. We are still in touch. Regarding the work that won the second place, I thought that the judges emphasized the individual’s own opinion and meaning. For me, the first time I participated, the third place was the big prize (laughs).

-Each of your creations probably requires a lot of time and effort. But which of these works took the most time and effort?

– After receiving the order a week in advance, it takes a week for one work. I don’t want to rush my work. I put my heart and time into all my creations. There is no such thing as a creation, I just try to make every cake beautiful.

– How do you choose your material? Of course you value the quality?

– We order the materials from America. Although the price is relatively expensive, we can make the work with high-quality materials. When it comes to food coloring, AmeriColor brand food coloring is used. Because the product is of better quality and is not harmful to the human body. Since we have signed a contract with this organization, it is very easy for us to send the ordered products directly to Mongolia.

– When I first saw your website,, I thought your name was Saran. But he named it after his mother. So, this great creation and desire of yours is related to your mother. Share a good memory of your mother?

– Thank you. The best question. Tears come out of my eyes when I talk about my mother. Both my grandmother and mother are pastry chefs. My mother was a cook of the fourth kindergarten in Darkhan city. Since 2000, he has been running a bakery in the city. At that time, I was not interested in this work of my mother, nor did I care. Now I think that my mother gives me this great strength and spirit from heaven. I try to be a person like my grandmother and mother and take an example from them. As a continuation of her mother, she is very happy to decorate someone’s festive table by making a cake with the name Saran.

-Would you like your daughter to become a cake maker, so as not to interrupt the great work of crafting that has been passed down from generation to generation?

– But yes (laughs). I don’t hide my secret desire. My daughter is also very interested. It will help me a lot, I will check how to do that and how to do that. It would be nice if my daughter continues this work of her mother without interruption (laughs).

– It feels good to create something that is an integral part of someone’s celebration. The nice words of gratitude from those people also inspire you a lot, don’t you think?

-That’s right. I am excited to hear encouraging words from all my customers. It’s the best thing to do and get inspiration. There is a saying, “Encourage the one who is in your heart with words of encouragement.” There is one incident that remains vivid in my mind. A little girl, six-year-old Molor, used to watch every work I made. And I can’t forget that they painted me with my cake and my pigeons and gave them as gifts in a frame.

– What pigeons are there?

– Oh, those pigeons, it would be correct to call them fans of my work. I put my cakes and pastries on the windowsill to cool. It’s really cute that they stand in a crowd when they look at it from behind the window (laughs).

-Does your mood affect your cake making?

– I want to make beautiful and exotic works at any time. When I’m in a bad mood, I feel refreshed when I sit down with the cake. There is such a wonderful feeling when you cut off your surroundings to sit and concentrate on the cake.

– What is the future goal?

– My main goal is to continuously create “Sarancake” cakes and to be a continuation of my mother. There is also a plan to open a “Sarancake” training center for cakes and pastries. Plans to launch soon.

– Thank you for the conversation. Good luck.

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