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Australia is a peaceful opulent country where you can enjoy the joys of life

At first, I thought I would go to America if I was single.

In Japan, I made a lot of money in terms of income after studying and working in my profession, but Japan was much better for people who studied and worked in Australia and Canada, but I was interested in an English-speaking country because I wanted to educate my children in a Japanese kindergarten and make them nobody as soon as they leave Japan. Helping to do business, Korea has become a basis for attracting customers from Europe.

The Japanese way of life is also very difficult. After 10 o’clock in the evening, you become a work animal and become almost an iron man. Australia is a peaceful, rich country with a better quality of life and where you can enjoy the joys of life, while America seemed a little harsher. And it seems to start with a little less income.

In Canada, it is difficult to find a job in my profession and I thought it would take a long time to get a visa.

And without knowing that it was not a mistake but luck that I went to the green continent in the eternal summer, I always secretly thought that I would have been killed if I had gone to Silicon Valley in the first place. For the sake of my family, I had to put aside my personal dreams and go to a place where I didn’t want to live a crazy life. The first year in Australia was terribly difficult and I didn’t like it very much.

Housing in Australia was cheap 10 years ago, but it’s still cheap in big cities. A Mongolian IT guy who came to Australia in 2014 as a researcher to train his wife for a master’s degree, but after finding a professional job, he rents a 2-bedroom apartment in a small town in NSW for $200 a week. I was amazed at how comfortable I was, I almost didn’t need to go to the city, and I had no choice but to sprott, and I laughed at my life in Sydney. Of course, if I want to have a middle-class life in Mongolia, I would like to have a shared apartment for 3 children, a Japanese-German car, a department or a manager’s house, and the income to support a few children is not enough. Well, we don’t know how people live in other parts of the world.

He doesn’t have the right to want to go beyond that, he has seen less, he has limited opportunities to see places and get to know people.

First, in 2004, I bought a 3-room house in a small town in Australia for $180 a week, and I got a tenant for the other 2 rooms, and I paid myself $50 a week and $200 a month, and I got a job in my profession from $16 an hour to $35 an hour. I got a worker’s visa and started making $70 an hour, but I threw everything away and started anew.


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