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In Canada, the student has built a Mongolian yurt for saving rent of house

Nowadays, the price of college scholarships is very high. Tuition fees, food, transportation, living expenses, etc. Thompson, a member of Columbia, British Columbia, has rented a school-type building for all students in Canada, and he does not want to lose money.

Therefore, he said that he is Mongolian. They were very satisfied with the house that Jeffpu built for their students, so they are planning to live in the same house.

He decided to live in a Mongolian home after studying it very well and talked about the advantages of a Mongolian home.

Air exchange takes place the most in Mongolian homes. Because every time a person enters and exits, the air is constantly exchanged through the doors and windows of the Mongolian house, and the old steam in the house is released and replaced with new steam, so the person living in the house can always breathe fresh air.

Mongolian houses have a unique ability to retain heat. Because the construction of the Mongolian house does not include any metallic structures, it is made of only sheep’s wool felt and wood, which is very good for human health and has no side effects. Scientists have studied that felt made from sheep’s wool has a high thermal conductivity and is able to retain heat very well in the cold winter.
Mongolian house is the most earthquake-resistant house. The walls of the house are many, embedded in the ground, and the wooden supports are flexible in movement because they are prefabricated, so they are the most resistant to earthquakes. Also, in the event of a flood, it flows through the walls while the sides are raised, so it is safe for human life. Since the house is round in shape, it can withstand even the wind of the field when it is fastened with ropes. It is estimated that the load capacity of the house is about 300 kg. It can withstand 150 km/s wind force.A Mongolian house can be built in about an hour and taken down in less time, so it is easy to move, move and transport.

Mongolian home is a very environmentally friendly eco-residence. This is because when Mongolians move out, they leave their homes thoroughly cleaned, so they are naturally regenerated very quickly. This is the reason why Mongolia’s nature has remained in its original form for hundreds of years.
Mongolian house is capable of sound isolation. Because sound waves travel the same distance in a house with a round wall and roof and no distortion. Therefore, recently, the trend of making a recording studio in a Mongolian home has become widespread. Also, the use of Mongolian houses in schools, hotels, restaurants, and living quarters is increasing in countries around the world.

During the 20th-21st centuries, scientists believe that the Mongolian house is the most suitable for the new generation of mankind to build a house on the planet, and are implementing a project to improve it to perfection.

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