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My husband’s name is Justin. American geologist who has been living in Mongolia for 7-8 years…

It was when I was divorced. Bad mood. Well, no matter what, a person who has put everything on his mind has entered Tinder. I don’t know how people who read your story will react to Tinder. After that, I flirted with a guy. It seems that two people who have broken up with the person they were in a relationship with and found a way to make time for each other have found each other and met. Just a few words that we exchanged as a chat. To them, it is not much more than saying see you at that time. The other guy said, “I can only meet in the evening because I’m going to let my dog walk. Let’s talk for two or three hours.” They said “OK” and agreed to meet right away. When I got there at eight o’clock in the evening, I had an idea that I would just jump up and sit until ten o’clock and then go home. There was no such thing, our conversation went on and on until 4 in the morning. It is known to people. Our conversations just coincided. It was obvious that we would meet again. He kissed me on the cheek and left.

After we met and talked, we found out that we have a lot of mutual friends. Friends for skiing, snowboarding and hiking. There were many times when he could get to know her through friends. But it was always different. When I come and go, the other one comes behind me when I’m not there. Even friends were wondering, “Dude, you both do extreme sports, and you both are in this circle, so why haven’t we met yet?” My husband’s name is Justin. He is an American geologist who has been living in Mongolia for 7-8 years. In addition to working in Mongolia, he has established a mountain bike association such as Downhill, and he is also a parachutist, so he participates a lot in parachute sports activities. He is a person who has inseparably connected his life with sports since he was a child.

Skiing is a very popular sport in America. He learned to ski at the age of four and became interested in mountain biking from a young age. Then he continued to get adrenaline from sports and eventually got more and more addicted to it and eventually went to the most dangerous sport. What it is is Base jump. There is a sport where you jump from a height like a squirrel. It was a sport with a high risk of death. After meeting for a long time, he asked me, “This sport is an inseparable part of my life. No matter how serious our relationship becomes in the future, I will not throw it away. Being with me will take this risk for you. Are you ready for this? If you are ready, we will both make our relationship serious. is happening,” he asked honestly. There was one rule among those who practiced this sport. If you have a partner and are going to start a deep relationship, you must be honest about what sports you play and how risky they are. Because after I spent so many years in love with him and devoted my whole life to him, it’s not fair to me if he jumps and dies. Indeed, when he noticed his circle of sportsmen, most of them were unmarried and childless. Some are in their 40s and 50s, but still live a single life. They believe that if they die while jumping after having a child or a couple, or if they are injured and unable to move, it is a very selfish thing, so they will endure and choose a life of celibacy.

As a former skier and scuba diver myself, I can understand why he loves this sport so much. Because I felt the feeling from the market. I had to tell him that I could only if he could truly accept that he would never give up the sport. Otherwise, I will suffer and so will he. So after thinking it through, I accepted his offer to deepen our relationship. From this relationship, I began to come to terms with the fact that I should not wait for marriage and children. Everything fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. They love to travel, love sports, have the same lifestyle, and most importantly, they are connected by their worldview and values. He was very important to me. In the beginning, I realized that to be a partner of a person who plays such sports, you need to have a strong mentality. After going out in the morning, the man will calculate the place to jump. You can’t jump from something just because it’s beautiful. The wind, time, and where to land will be carefully calculated. His life is at stake. It usually jumps at dawn. If something happens, it will be related to this, he says everything. The real fear is that this person might die like this. I will wait for him with my coffee when he jumps at dawn. I want to hear the sound of the umbrella unfolding the most. When he hears the noise, he thinks “Oh, it’s safe now” and feels relieved.

He had a very different perspective on life because he practiced death sports. Maybe because I feel something like “Today might be my last day”. He doesn’t end his relationship badly with any person, he doesn’t stress over small things, and he is very tolerant because if a person behaves differently, anything can happen to this person. That attitude came out beautifully in our relationship. He loves the person next to him, like there is no tomorrow. I have the same relationship with my friends.

How about you all hug each other before you jump? Must. Then they tell each other that they love each other and jump. Because the umbrella might not open. There is no such thing as jumping up and down day and night and saying, “Oh, I must be a terrible slug.” People who risk their lives to jump in this way will never jump just to show off and look good. Because looking good is too small a reason to put your life on the line. So when you think about what people are addicted to, it’s like a strange circle that people who don’t practice it don’t find. And after jumping, I feel like I’m more alive than anything in life.

I didn’t always introduce my son and the guy I met. I will only introduce you to someone who is serious after watching. I used to think that the people I used to meet treated me like, “Well, there is such a girl. I like her, but she has a child. Well, she has a child.” When the man came to meet my son, he took the initiative to clean out his room, which he had not touched for many years, and made room for it. We want to move both of them. Of course, I’m not going to move into someone’s house with my child in tow. But instead of looking at me as a girl with one child, my husband gave me the feeling of hugging us together and saying, “Oh, you two were both. Now let’s make a good family.” That feeling is really different. One moment struck me deeply. That’s why even if our child is a boy, the feeling that I have to protect my mother is quite strong. It happens without its own will. No matter how many children I have, I have a feeling that I am one with my mother. One evening we were walking together. My son never leaves my hand when we go out together in the evening. Then my son gave Justin my hand and took it, and he ran ahead. Right there in this cultural center, next to the square.

Then he ran up the stairs of the cultural center, ran and played with the columns, laughed and coughed. I was instantly hooked. “My child doesn’t usually do this,” he said to Justin, surprised, and the other was surprised as well. I said, “You always protect me by not leaving me to go out at night. You just trusted me and left me behind, and then you ran away like a child.” When I think of a child being a child, it feels strange inside. Wow, I feel like I was a burden to my child. As if the opportunity to be a child was blocked. And at that moment, when I saw the child, I shed tears of pity. Justin’s tears were also welling up and both of them were curious. That moment was very important. My son showed his trust in Justin by that act and gave me the feeling that the three of them could be a family.

I have raised my only son in my own way, and I will protect him. When Justin realized this, he didn’t say, “Don’t carry all the burden alone. Let me share the responsibility,” but he continued to show me the same words and actions. The three of us live together. Every night, Justin and I would tuck him into bed and kiss him good night. But one night, Justin let me out first, saying he wanted to talk to me. They even have things to talk to each other in secret. Justin and I recently decided to go to America. Every two years, people who practice base jumping and skydiving meet to celebrate their survival or to remember those who died in an accident while doing sports. That meeting takes place in Las Vegas. This was my first visit. After going to America and landing in Utah, Justin took his Van and hit the road. Utah has a red desert. We are camping in the wild on the way. It was going to be a bit cold in the evening, so I sat in the car with my pants folded and my socks folded. My car is quite tall. Justin opens the car door to see the sun setting in front of him. There is a campfire in the background, and a friend is going to put something in the car.

At that moment, Justin came over and said, “Baby…” What did you mean, “Will you get married?” asks. I was even surprised and said, “Hey, why are you asking at such a strange time?” “You can’t ask a person when he is prepared,” the other said, Surprise. Then I agreed to get married with a pair of stockings and we both hugged. I never expected to hear such a question from him. My husband used to say to me, “I don’t believe in marriage. When a person wants to live, he lives without a marriage certificate or a wedding. If he doesn’t live, he gets divorced after a month, no matter how many papers he has.” He naturally has such an opinion. But instead of sitting on his knees, it seems that he deliberately asked me while I was high in the car. “I’ll give you two of the biggest rings a geologist can think of,” Justin continued. What are those two rings? They are the equator that surrounds the earth, and the Pacific ring of fire, which is a vertical belt of volcanoes. There are 13 countries on the belt of Ecuador. There are 24 countries on the volcanic belt. And don’t these two rings intersect? There are 37 countries that intersect with Chile on one side and Indonesia on the other. Then Justin said, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, let’s travel to these 37 countries together for the rest of our lives. Let’s get married again and again in every country we visit. Getting married to you once is not enough for my life.” I’m even more surprised. Oh my god, the most romantic thing comes out of someone who shouldn’t be the most romantic.

His plan was for us to go to 37 countries and get married, then get tattoos in each of them as a keepsake, and they would connect them together to form those rings. After this event, we continued on our way to Las Vegas. I had a great time getting to know people from the Sky family. All the people who were there got off at the same station. After the event, Justin’s friends all gathered in each other’s rooms. There were five or six people. When Justin asks his friends what they want to do in the evening, they all find themselves completely unemployed. Then Justin went and registered to get married in the church. After that, he came back and said, “Tonight, we will get married. Put on some shiny clothes and come out.” There is nothing that says we will do our wedding this way or that way. So, after telling people that, we went to our hotel room and fell asleep. Are you waking up 40 minutes before your wedding time? I was nervous about what to wear, so I put on the coat I brought there and the clothes I wore to the party. And when I met a bunch of them, it was a bunch of shiny and shiny people. Only colorful people with various injuries entered the church. One has crutches and the other has a wheelchair. At weddings, people hold hands and make promises, right? At that time, the question of whether I am marrying the right person comes to my mind. And I asked myself, and I didn’t have a single second of doubt. I felt immeasurably good when I felt that this is the person I love.

I thought to myself, wearing a white beach dress and having a party with a bunch of strangers is not the meaning of a wedding. 100% trust, 100% love. It came to my mind that he is the one who thinks that I am ready to spend the rest of my life with this person. That is the meaning of marriage. There is a service to take photos from behind the wedding. A husband instructed us to take a picture like this, now kiss your wife, now kiss your husband, and then we took a picture from the side, and we both were so embarrassed that we couldn’t get used to it. After posting that picture on Facebook, the mothers of both sides called and asked, “It looks like my daughter is having a wedding, where am I?” The mother of the other side is in America, and she called and said, “Have you already had your wedding? If you had called, you would have gone. ” happened. Naturally, my mother could not come from Mongolia, so she didn’t call any of them because it was better not to call them, all of them were very unexpected. After the wedding, I called my son and told him, “We’re married,” and my son said, “Oh, I know.” “Of course I knew. I was a part of this plan.”

Then, while in Mongolia, Justin and I wanted to say goodnight to our son, but Justin told me, “Go ahead. We have something to talk about.” Everything happened that night. When they stayed in the room, Justin asked our son, “I’m going to propose to your mother. Will you agree?” Even before asking me, he had obtained permission from my son. My son listened and said, “Sure, that’s nice.” When only two people have decided, the rest doesn’t matter. Then I was very excited to see that my son was included. My son has been hiding it from me. And suddenly your husband got married as if he was never going to get married. With great romance. The day after the wedding, I was driving to California when Justin asked me, “Did you like the wedding?” is asking. The poor thing must have thought to himself.

It is as if she thought that she was a woman and dreamed of inviting people and animals by wearing a white blouse. I was surprised that he asked that, and I took his hand and said, “I don’t know what a perfect marriage should be like. I can’t even imagine it. I don’t even want it.”

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