B. Erdem, the first Mongolian child who spoke 6 languages and was included in the US national team

A boy named Erdem, who lives with his family in the United States, is only 13 years old, but he speaks 3 languages fluently and can read and write 6 languages. He is the first Mongolian child to be included in the US finals of the International Mathematical Olympiad. Erdem Boy has about 10 medals from international string and pressure music competitions, 2 gold and 1 silver medals from OU Mathematical Olympiad, 5 medals from his state’s English Literacy Championship in the United States and even won the recent OU piano competition named after Mozart.

Moreover, my 13-year-old young musician was invited twice to play at the famous Carnegie Hall. Isn’t it amazing to think that you have been invited to perform not once, but twice in this famous hall, where the best of every genre of music, from Tchaikovsky to the Beatles, perform?

So, do you think that Erdem Boy achieved all these achievements because of his natural talent? In fact, Erdem’s mother is the amazing person who is behind all of Erdem’s success and has led him to become such a great talent. Her name is Bolormaa and she represents the people who do the best in the world’s most important profession, motherhood. From the time he was 1 year and 7 months to the age of 5, he read books together without missing a day and instilled good habits. Moreover, every language that his son learned, he learned it together or learned it himself first and taught it to his son.

Also, she sat her son on her lap, played the piano together, arranged her work when he went to school, and most importantly, she never lacked for her love and support. For Bolormaa, finding time for her children in addition to her busy work and career was a task that tested her patience to a certain extent, but she was able to balance both.

That’s why not only did he raise his son to be a genius and a genius, but he himself got a doctorate in economics and is working in one of the top 100 companies in America. This wonderful Mongolian mother and son have already been highlighted by the famous US NBC and CNN televisions.

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