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A Girl who worked 12 types of menial jobs in America and finally became a dentist from a shoe polisher

“Manual Jobs” in America worked 12 types of menial jobs in America and finally became a dentist from a shoe polisher. Let us share her story in America.

– G. Galbadrach: When and how did you come to the United States?

– P. Rainbow: In 1996, he came to the United States for a 3-month language course through NU. In the beginning, everything was not easy. It won’t work well. I don’t know the language well. Translate and read job advertisements. I started to learn a little language by reading the dictionary. More than anything, I needed to work to make ends meet.


-G.Galbadrach: Everyone who comes to the United States starts doing whatever job they find to earn their own living here. Basically, everyone used to reject the job they found and start working without making any other choice.

P. Rainbow: Yes. I first got a job putting up stickers. But still looking for a better paying job. One day, a Russian woman I know offered me a shoe shine job. He worked for several years and earned enough money to go to school. A little embarrassed, but went to see how it works. It was a job with its own position, basically oiling people’s boots on the street. There are many “blacks” around. Of course I didn’t like it. But he liked the fact that he got the money right after oiling his shoes. He earned almost $100 by oiling shoes all day. I said, “I’ll tell you the answer the next day,” and when I got home, I thought a lot. When I told my sister, she said, “It’s not necessary.” When he woke up in the morning, he was very confused, but he immediately went to his friend and got a job as a shoe polisher.

– G. Galbadrach: What influenced your choice?

– P. Rainbow: I met a Spanish doctor while going to church. He advised me that I can get a dentist’s license by taking an exam and learning English well. In fact, since coming to the United States, he had a future plan to study here and work as a dentist. Of course, money and time were needed to prepare for learning. On the one hand, the work of a shoe polisher was an opportunity to earn decent money, and on the other hand, to finish studying. While waiting for the shoe polisher to arrive, I catch up on my studies.

– G. Galbadrach: How many years did you do this work?

– P. Solongo: I did it for 2 years. I worked here 12 hours a day. My place of stay was conveniently located near a good office. We have customers who regularly oil their shoes. Get to know them and eventually they will bring their shoes from home to be oiled by me. My English improved by talking to such people. Pay $25 a day for a shoe shine chair. As long as the rent is paid, the rest of my income will be mine. Collected the money and bought a car. Some clients “get old” with me and give me advice on various issues. But one morning he was fired.

– G. Galbadrach: Why were you fired?

– P. Solongo: Of course, I did this job sincerely and influenced the customers of other shoe polishers. They probably did not like this situation. I thought about a lot and realized a lot when the “owner” who hired me fired me without any explanation. Although I didn’t do this job for long, I felt this social attitude. I just realized that “I need to make good use of all the opportunities that I can find.” Otherwise, I am “nobody” here.

– G. Galbadrach: Yes. This is bitterly true. Did you find another job?

– P. Solongo: Oh, I did a lot of work. He quit his job as a shoe polisher and got a job in a restaurant with a Russian owner. The first 3 months were not easy, but during the 2 years I worked there, I learned to cook very well. I know a lot of meatless recipes. But there was no time to study here. A Vietnamese dentist helped me find all the books I needed to prepare for the exam. After leaving work, he sat at home and prepared for the exam. In the meantime, he got a job as a newspaper reporter. The newspaper should be picked up at 12 midnight and distributed by 6 am. But very responsible. Complaints from customers will not stop. One morning, he didn’t get his salary because he got the street number he was supposed to distribute wrong.

Then the house was cleaned. The child of that family had asthma. It’s not easy because dust can cause diseases. Then I did the pizza dough for 2 months. Also, I found a job as a dental technician through a newspaper ad and worked there for 10 months. In general, he did a lot of work. But in the meantime, I prepared for school and passed the exam. In the last count, he did a total of 12 jobs before going to school. 1. Sticker work 2. Shoe polisher 3. Restaurant dishwasher, waiter, cook, cleaner 4. Telemarketing 5. Newspaper carrier 6. Pizza maker at a pizzeria 7. Dental technician 8. House cleaner 9. Dental office cleaner 10 Dental nurse 11. Junior dentist 12. Office cleaner. I have done many kinds of work, which has greatly contributed to my knowledge of the language. People think a lot when they are doing a job they don’t like. At that time, I “promised” to myself that I would study well and go to school and do my professional work.

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