British pilot gets free £30,000 flight thanks to Mongolian grandmother

It was when I lived in England that I dared to travel solo for the first time. I took the cheapest bus from New Castle to London and from there flew to Venice with the cheapest ticket to relax. The day before returning from being in Venice, I met two pilots standing in the airport restaurant trying to order a drink.

Then one of them asked me where I came from. When I said Taaldaa, they immediately called me Mongolian. For the first time, I was shocked when someone immediately recognized me as Mongolian and said WHAT!!! said. This has never happened before. Then we got to know each other, we ate and drank together, and he told me how he knew Mongolians.

“I have flown all over the world. I can almost tell Asians apart. Mongolians have the same face. While traveling in Mongolia, I injured my ankle and could not walk, and an old woman in the village treated me with tea. The next day, the leg tumor disappeared, and the next day, I was able to walk. It’s over. He’ll remember how nice and helpful grandma was,” he said, adoring her.

After saying that, I will return tomorrow morning, and if you want, you can go with me for free, and I agreed. When I got to the airport the next day, it was a completely different plane than I expected. VIP plane with only 4 seats for celebrities. I was served champagne from the front of the plane and had a very comfortable flight. That’s why I went alone for free on a plane that costs 30,000 pounds per flight thanks to the kindness of a Mongolian grandmother.

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