In 1999, I ran 8 boutiques with my sister and drove a taxi

In 1999, I ran 8 boutiques with my sister, and I used to work as a taxi driver. Later, I became a dealer who made hundreds of millions of MNT in profit for the bank, but my salary was only 80,000 MNT. I did not receive a bonus from the bank because of this. But always rich in spirit, with a goal in mind, I have reached today.


Since 2004, every week, representing the bank, under the name of international dealer Ganzorig, he has presented an overview of the world financial market on TV together with the current Member of Parliament Oyuunchime. He used to wear 4 thousand MNT ties, 8 thousand MNT suits, and 60 thousand MNT suits from the neighborhood store.

Men are divided into those who are interested in cars and those who are not. I am interested.

He wanted to buy a Porsche car from a long time ago. Today, I realized that my friends were almost tired, talking as if they almost fell.

In 2018, when I was the CEO of Golomt Bank, I made a decision. I hope Golomt Bank is a place where the dreams of young people come true. Thinking that this bank would be the wing of young people’s dreams, on New Year’s Day, he decided to buy his best employee a Porsche that he couldn’t dream of.

This photo is one day in December 2018, when Golomt Bank’s New Year’s Day – the car that he has not yet dreamed of and is going to give to his employees as a gift. It’s like a one-sided blessing. Maybe the luck of the other thought gave me a blessing.

I hope that Mongolian companies will not be a place where the wishes of young people are suppressed or denied, and where they destroy the beautiful dreams of young people, but they should be the wing of dreams that will make those young people flourish even more.

My CEOs, take your youth to the heights that you have not been able to reach. It’s New Year soon, so let’s get ready for the present.

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