When I went to Australia, I felt ashamed of myself. I was the poorest and but the most elegant there…

When the beautiful girl went to Australia and came back to Mongolia, she left everything she didn’t need, such as ego, vanity, and wasteful spending. The main thing is to go abroad and open your eyes, not to see things, but to get out of your own box and get to know other cultures, views, and life. When I left Mongolia, I packed all my suitcases full of clothes, shoes, and bags, I exceeded the kilos of the plane, and I carried them on my back in my carry-on luggage, even though I couldn’t afford to pay for the 10 kg bag. While in Mongolia, she thought about the color of her clothes every day, painted her nails to match, wore accessories to match, bathed twice a day, and was a very busy student. When I went to Australia, I felt ashamed of myself. I’m almost the poorest person there, and I paint my face and mouth every day, and I’m a very elegant creature. What exactly are you going to do? Well, I was immediately shocked when I saw the electricity bill for the first month. After bathing a lot, washing a lot of clothes, cooking and eating, it’s 1400$ per month.

He learned to bathe in 5 minutes immediately after birth. Also, while taking a bath, I got wet in a flash, turned off the water, washed my hair and body, and then rinsed it off in a flash. Isn’t it happening? Before, I used to stop for 20-30 minutes after traveling. When cooking at one time, I try to cook as much as possible for the whole day. If you are going to cook rice, add 2-3 servings at once, etc. Well, after a month, all the other leather bags, shoes, belts, etc., and all the other accessories were moldy. At first, I immediately felt disgusted when I sat down to clean the mold, and I didn’t like that I was wasting my time collecting so many things for myself. Things get moldy in the humid tropics. Then I noticed my neighbors. They have almost no clothes. When I lived in Australia, almost all women wore black retuse, a mike over the top, and a rubber cap that went between the thumbs underneath. And that’s it. They don’t have much else to discover. I don’t even make up my face, it’s a lot if I apply a light sun cream and foundation. How easy it is to live. That’s when I saw my dirty furniture and felt sad. Exaggerated jewelry makes me look ugly.


When I was in Mongolia, I used to buy drinks, chewing gum, and sweets, but I stopped immediately when I came to Australia. 1 cola is $3, chewing gum is $3, and candy is $3. There is no such finance. Well, 10 bus rides are $15. So I thought I would buy a bike and ride it. Our school is about 4 km away from our house. Then I found an old rusty bike for $50 and immediately became a cyclist. Walking is not good. The soles of sneakers were pierced for the first time. After a lot of walking, the soles of the sneakers wear out and get holes. What taxi maxi. I took a taxi for 15 minutes and traveled 6 km for $60. Stopping at a red light will make the money run fast. You can never find parking in the city center, even if you do, you can only park for 15 minutes and for $5. So people walk.

When I came from Australia and met my friends, everyone was shocked. What a beautiful girl you were, now you don’t even make up your face, you don’t even know what to wear… It was as if you thought that a handsome man would come. But the most valuable things I found in Australia were:

First, the ego has been thrown away. The thought of who will think of me. The first time I went there, I was surprised to see two guys kissing on the bus, so I got off at the third stop and got lost. Then he went back crying and found the school after walking with crows for 1 hour. As I was crying, I fell in love with a human being and thought that in the end, you are the only one who is going astray haha. Sometimes there are people in bikinis on the bus, walking around the city barefoot, children eating dirt and running around the store barefoot. Who cares anyway? It’s our Asians who are fooling around and wondering about it… Basically, if I’m happy with myself, who cares what I wear, what I do, how I live?

In Mongolia, people are very worried about others… Just because they don’t show bad things to others, they celebrate each holiday with lavish gifts, new robes, silver belts, daalins made of precious stones, and so on. If you show it off to someone, it doesn’t matter if you feel burdened or tired. In fact, Mongolian weather has four seasons and is a very expensive place. It’s a challenge to put together something to show off for all four seasons. There is a huge cost to the economy. It seems that all the problems are in yourself, in your brain, and in your fear. If I don’t care, that’s it. If people say bad things, let them say it. Are they sharing the money for my food and bread when I am dead?

Sasha Ochbadrach

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