B. Zolbayar: Since I started working from home in London, I was able to earn half a year’s salary in Mongolia within a month

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of working for big tech companies like Google and Facebook. When I was 10 years old, I dreamed of studying abroad, but I could not go. Even as a student in Mongolia, I thought about studying abroad in my 3rd or 4th year. But it didn’t happen either. Then, after gaining work experience, I thought to myself that I would save a lot of money and defend my master’s degree abroad.

After graduating from university in Mongolia in 2014, he joined a large company as a programmer. In the first one or two years, I did not find the right reason. He used to do the work that was assigned to him, and soon he started to get used to it. I tried to do my best because I was getting paid, so I thought of new things in the company. Two projects were implemented to improve the internal information flow of the company and to make it easier for employees to work together. I learned a lot in the process. Also, in order to develop myself, I used to get up early in the morning until I went to work, read professional and self-development books, think about program problems, and improve my English. At that time, I imagined my goal as if it had been fulfilled.

One day, I saw a person posting a part-time job on an online forum related to a project I was working on, and contacted him via email. And within four days, the work was done and I received more than a million MNT. I cried because my hard work paid off every day, or because I was so happy at the time, I got my first dollar salary.

After working part-time online for a few months like this, a client offered me a full-time position. That’s how I ended up working as a contract worker in a technology company based in London from home without a master’s degree, never having studied abroad, never even been to England. When I think about it now, when I was a student, I thought that it would be enough to search for happiness too far and go out like everyone else.

It seems that people focus only on the goal and not on the method or process to achieve it. Only if you put your heart into the work you are doing right now, you will reap the benefits. What it means is that they only focus on studying in America or abroad. I can’t see the learning opportunities that I have now, and I throw them away without paying attention to the work I’m doing. In fact, you need to do what you want to learn little by little every day and improve it. But don’t suddenly get motivated one day and read a book or exercise, then stop doing it the next day.

Since the spring of 2019, I have been working from home in London, so I no longer waste time in traffic. The salary is also much higher, and now I get half a year’s salary in Mongolia. And besides work, gerelt.gereesee. com operates the site. This is a non-profit, free site that offers advice to people who want to work from home abroad or to develop themselves. Because if you find a job you like and do it without studying abroad, every day is happiness.

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