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The story of the boy who take care of his blind mother

In the city of Batcvmbep Cym of the Central Province, he used to live very well. L. Galtsog went to Mr. Galtsog’s house and told him about his sad but still warrior life. My mother is a real Mongolian woman. I think that only Mongolians feel so precious about their son. It is definitely true that people who don’t have patience like my mother are alone. At the end of 1946, L. Galtsog was studying in his class as usual. How do you know that the boy will not take care of his mother and will open it again and go to her class. But in the morning, his mother, who was sitting outside, opened the window and went inside.

He didn’t want to cry in front of the people who knew his mother’s condition, but he didn’t know about his mother’s condition. At that time, the sky was clear and the clouds were soft, but it must have been shining in their hearts. When he found out that his mother was not doing anything, he went to the center of Celenge Province to meet his acquaintances. But mom and dad couldn’t sleep well, so they got stuck on the road before returning to the family party. There was nothing else in the head of the twelve-year-old boy except that if he could visit Ulaanbaatap, his mother would be able to treat his eyes. So they visited the university. When it was almost the beginning of winter, he and his mother put on their coats, blue hats, and green gloves, climbed into the trunk of the “ZIL-130” car, and came home.

The boy drove his mother and searched for the hospital, but the doctor said, “There is no treatment, he will not recover.” And so, in Dolgop mountain, it was a life that not only touched the soul, but also soaked the soul, the sun was the only one, and it was the life of the soul, and it was the fate of the soul. The doctor’s words that there was no treatment were the worst words of the patient who did not care for them and did not believe them at all. But they couldn’t forgive this truth in any way, so they made peace with their brother and their fate, and they made a mistake by taking care of their mother.

My mother’s story is, “My older father was arrested by the police in front of me.” I will give it to you as soon as possible. I told my mother that it would not be possible if my husband didn’t go, and he told me a little bit about himself, saying that he had given me to the guest before greeting me…


On May 1, 1934, my wife was born in Altanbyla hospital. After 10 days, her mother took her to Dolgop and took her husband. Dolgop was created in the 1910s, and it is based on the Xoy and Gypvan, but it is not established by everyone. It is said that before giving Galtsog gya, he gave it to a family in the city and it did not work. So, when they met and talked to the people, they found Galtsog to be near the hotel. So, Dolgop asked his son to give him a name, and he chose Galtsog. Little Galtsog went up and down, and it became a real thing. Unfortunately, his father, Lodong, arrested and tortured him in 1938, when he was just four years old.

My mother and father used to visit and spend the winter in Zeltep village. It was a time when every family used to buy rice, rice, rice, and store the rest of the rice. Her mother used to handcuff everything she did before she was sorry. But he doesn’t have much of a choice, poor thing. The women of Altanbyla, Kelenge Province, were called “mothers of life” by the Thai government, and the women were working like street laborers without a home. In spite of this, the so-called neat and tidy things are always taken care of. “I can’t do anything if I don’t see xapax.”

Dolgop went to the village and used to feed all of them, prepare animal fodder, and cook food. He used to work hard and earn his living. Every time, he would take them to the open house and give them a gift. Even their mothers do not like their mothers. If he thought about it, he would shake his head and cry. Then, after thinking about his mother, he gives a hug to his relatives, and he calms down. After that, I went to the cream and sauce factory in the center of my mother’s house. Their center is 45 kilometers away. On the way to the end of the day, there will be a puddle of lightning. At times, he will be angry, scared, afraid. All these 13-year-olds emphasized that they have no choice, even though it is a very demanding job.

Dolgop was called Mother Egg by the locals. Ever since she was a child, her mother used to sew everything for herself: coats, jackets, pants, gloves, jackets, hats, shirts, socks, coats. Even though he didn’t get it, he said, “The mother will take care of herself. “What’s wrong with sewing a single coat?” So, I used to make different kinds of tomatoes, tea, etc. and give them to my friends. He used to buy food and tea himself, and he used to make a lot of bets. Also, she is a very warm-hearted, calm and patient woman who seems to be able to handle every situation.

My mother usually wears a light blue and pink pomegranate dress. She used to dress up in the same way with or without a shirt. I didn’t want to do anything, I just pretended to be. I didn’t buy anything, but ours is not worth it. My mother was such a smart and creative woman.

In Tychy, their team consists of 20-30 people. After teaching 40-50 people in the team for 70 years, his students were writing and reading their names most of the day. Everyone agreed that all the official documents of the government should be renewed, and the price of the company should be increased. After him, the last 10 members of the party’s supreme committee and officials became representatives of the party committee and were sent to Celenge province, but they were released after the withdrawal of that province. At that time, his mother persuaded him to go to Cyprus and become an educated and literate person. You type your cypax. And I said I would go with you, so I went to Cyprus. So, Galtsog went to Cyprus and became a doctor. He has a way of learning and taking care of his students like a good teacher. His mother went on a trip because he was very fond of it. It is said that the mother was very happy when her son became a doctor. This guy Galtsog said, “I couldn’t dress up my mother. Poor thing, he hasn’t had time to eat delicious food. However, my mother became very rich after she acquired her excellent education. “I’m the only one who wants to become a doctor and tell my mother about it,” he cried. I used to think that I didn’t do anything to my mother, or at least I didn’t like her. My mother doesn’t say anything. But I’m not bothering him or making him cry. However, I couldn’t take care of my mother properly,” he said to himself. Then he said, “My mother has lived for 30 years. But I can say with confidence that life is never over.

L. Galtsog is now 88 years old. Tepepep is an honored teacher and the best doctor of Mongolia. He has spent his whole life for this, and now he acts as if he doesn’t understand what his mother used to do.

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