Human Story

“When I went to study abroad, I went with nothing but 38 kg of iron in my bag”

  1. When I went to study abroad, I left with nothing but 38 kg of iron in my bag

Children who are going to study abroad always have books, clothes, and other accessories in their big bags. But there was only 38 kg of iron in my bag. When I went to study in Taiwan, I didn’t have much money, so I went and found money with that iron to pay for tuition, accommodation, and food. That iron was a tourniquet. Assembled portable tourniquet. One person will pay 100 Taiwan dollars or 6500 tok. A street game was played at the night market saying, “If you can stand still for more than 2 minutes, we will give you 550 dollars.” I found more than 70 people a day.

But since it takes more than 4 hours to go to the night market by train, the train and bus to our city will stop after the market closes. So there were many times of spending the night outside and on the streets. Carrying 38 kg of iron, even if it was heavy, I counted the money I had earned after working all night, and when I walked with the tourniquet, the weight of the iron would disappear, and I would walk with a smile on my face.

  1.  The dress my mother made looked hundreds of times better than the one at the market

“I want to become a model in the future. I don’t have the opportunity to buy different clothes yet, so I’m still wearing clothes made by my mother. Once, I needed a pink dress to enter a singing competition. I kept asking my mother to buy a pink dress.” The competition was supposed to be held tomorrow. So I went to the market with my mother and asked the price of a nice dress, but it was not a price that we could afford. After my mother stood looking at their designs for a while, we went to a stall selling clothing materials and bought the dress material. I reluctantly said to myself, “it is known that the clothes you sewed are sewn by hand for people to see.”Then my mother sewed my dress all night, and in the morning, I put it next to the bed and went to work. My mother’s dress looked hundreds of times better than the one in the market. I wore my pink dress to the competition I wanted to enter and won. My mother is the best model for me yner.”

  1. At the age of 11, I went to the principal of my school to find tuition fees

My whole life is related to the German language. The fees were high because he studied at an international school for ten years. My mother worked alone to pay my school fees. I thought “how can I help” my mother. Then I went to the principal of my school and asked, “I want to study at this school, but my financial possibilities are limited. If I can, I can speak German. I can pay the fees by teaching children who are lagging behind.” My director agreed and I started my first job at the age of eleven.

At that time, he was an exchange student, so he taught the children everything he had seen, seen and learned, not even a single language, but also about self-development. He also taught German to people who were going to have a visa interview. I had students who were older than me.

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