Human Story

People were shouted “The bear has arrived” and soon the willows on the side moved, and the bear came out

In the fall of 1985, a bear came down from the mountain and ki.lled an elderly woman and her grandson in their yurt, ger (Mongolian traditional dwelling). At that time, I was measuring grass when I came back and heard the news, and when I went to the crime scene, 43 people had gathered near the collapsed ger.

When we looked around the ger, we saw that elderly woman’s back had been bi.tten by bear and grandson’s head and face were swollen and they’re dead already.

As we followed the bear’s trail down the grassy slope, the bear entered the willows across the river. In order to ki.ll the bear, I and Ulzii, a hunter, prepared our gu.n and sat down to waiting a bear to come and the other people chased the bear away to us. However, the bear did not come to us, but attacked the people who chased her away. People panicked, gun.shots rang out here and there, and some even sho.t horses in panic. The bear climbed over the frozen Hug River and into the willows behind. I had given the gu.n to my brother at the time, so I had taken someone else’s g.un and adjusted the reflection the day before. Then, as I followed the bear and prepared my gun on the shore, I heard the voices of the people shouting “The bear has come.” Soon the side willows moved and a bear came out.

I was thinking that when the bear came up to me i would put the g.un in her mouth and sh.oot her. As the bear approached me about 15 meters away, i was waiting her more approach. But those who had been watching me from the side of the hill, began to shout in panic, “Oh, his gun is stuck!” At that moment, my body suddenly shook, and I immediately sh.ot and wounded the bear, thinking what would happen if my gu.n got stuck. The wounded bear crawled to the other side of the river and I was sh.ot again. People gathered and surrounded the dead bear and sho.t her. So we carried a bear s.kin and went to the environmental protection organization to prove it. Suddenly I thought, “This bear, which destroyed the family with a history of hundreds of years, was not just an animal. Maybe it’s was an angry spirit’s messenger. (Hövsgöl, especially the Darkhads, are shamanistic and have powerful spirits.)

I thought that the me who ki.lled the angry spirit’s messenger, it come again and eat me tonight, believe strongly. So I said, “You guys deliver it yourself,” and came to my home. So I believed that a bear would come to me that night. At least there was alarm throughout the village, so my friend, who had lent his g.un, took it back, and I had to fight the bear without a gun for a long night. That night was the longest night of my life. When I got home I gathered all the dung around me put it around a certain distance from the yurt, ger and lit a fire on all four sides. (Cause we believe that bear is afraid of the fire) At the time, my wife had just given birth to my eldest daughter. When the night come my mother-in-law and my wife and daughter fell asleep. Instead, I waited for the bear to arrive me with an ax at the bottom of the bed. In the middle of the night, there seemed to be a lot of bears coming. Very loud noise was heard. Soon my dog ​​was howling and silent.

At that moment, the mother-in-law woke up and hurried out of bed, saying, ‘Isn’t it a bear growling?’ she asked. As the bear’s growl approached I grabbed my a.x and approached the door slowly. I wondered how many of them can i ki.ll and i wish at least keep my wife and daughter alive. Then the mother-in-law said, “I heard that bears are afraid of the sound of iron.” So I pushed metal bucket out of the door and slammed it with the tip of ax. Soon the roar of the bear subsided. I haven’t had such a long night in 60 years of my life. In the morning, my mother-in-law went out to milk the cows and called me. When I hurried out, our sheeps and goats bitten by bear, some bones were exposed. After that, i was convinced that i would be ki.lled by a bear, and i even carried a loaded gun when just riding a horse. At that time, I was so scared and locals later said, “Your eyes became so strange.” But now that all the hardships have been left behind, the fears and anxieties have been forgotten and now i’m working for my future goals with a clear mind.

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