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Myth has come true: ‘IF the Great Khan’s grave is opened, War will start.’

The mausoleum of King “Lame Timur” of the Mongol conquerer, known as the “Whip of God”, was opened in 1941 by the expedition team led by Tashmuhammad Kori-Niyaz by the order of Soviet leader Stalin. They first opened the remains of Timur Khan’s son, and then the mausoleum of the Great Khan himself.

However, on the tombstone, it was clearly written in ancient Persian language, “The grave of the Great king must not be disturbed, anyone who violates this order will be punished with the most severe punishment.” The local elders met with the research team, who were terrified after reading the inscription, and said, “Don’t open the grave. Because it is written in this book that if the grave is opened, war will start.’

On June 22, 1941, the Germans invaded the Soviet Union and the war began, just the day after the opening of the grave. Therefore, there are still rumors that the war broke out because Timur Khan’s tomb was touched.



The Uzbeks, for the first time, released the photos they took when they opened the mausoleum of the Lame Timur Khan in 1941. The picture shows the skull of the Great King.It was from this time that not only they, but also their country began to face a lot of problems, so the remains of the Great Khan and his children and grandchildren were returned to their mausoleum in Samarkand on December 20, 1942. Just two days later, the Red Army of the Soviet Union won its first victory in Stalingrad, defeating the German army of more than 60,000 men.

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