Orog.mn site and Business Orog program are bringing you a series of interviews with Mongolians living and working in Chicago, USA. About 40 thousand Mongolians live and work in the United States. Chicago has the largest number of Mongolians, 15,000. This time, we talked to B. Tserenbat, who has been working as a flight attendant for the 17th year at United Airlines, the second largest airline in the world. He also manages the Mongolian Association in Chicago. We spoke with him at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport before his flight.

Thank you for your time. What were the initial criteria for joining United Airlines?

I have been working in the company for 17 years since 2006. I started looking for a job after finishing school. At that time, the most important thing was looking at customer service, or the ability to communicate with others. That’s why I got in by luck.

How did you have that experience?

Two things caught my attention at the time. First, I worked as a waiter in a famous restaurant at that time. The restaurant I worked at was a top, big restaurant in Chicago. He said that if he had worked there, he would have had a problem-free customer service experience. Second, I briefly told the story of my arrival in America. He shared his story that he came to America at the age of 21, learned the language, brought his family, and went like this. I think he also got the attention.

What is the best thing about the job? Do you have a lot of work?

In general, I think flight attendant is a good job for a young person. Go to many places and meet many people. It is said that Mongolians sing words from those who have gone. Of course that’s nice. But after having a family and working for many years, they become interested in staying at home. Now I usually take day flights. My youngest is six years old, so I usually leave at five o’clock in the morning and get back to New York airport at one o’clock in the morning, or something like that. Takes an international flight once a month. Our company has nine types of aircraft, 180,000 employees and 22,000 flight attendants. In Chicago alone, we have five servants. I am certified to operate on any type of aircraft.

It is said that the salary is good for working in an airline company?

Yes. For me, it just happens. In general, the first five years of working for any airline are the most difficult to become a flight attendant or pilot. Wages are low. I don’t know exactly where to fly. Where the company goes, it goes there. Leaving home for many days. When I went out, I thought that I might be gone for 5-6 days, so I just prepared clothes and food. Depending on the length of time and years of service, the salary will increase, and you can choose your own flight. The more years you work, the better flights you go. I am on my day flight because I have worked for 17 years. Interestingly, the longest-serving employee of our company has been working since 1961. When we were young, we started working at the age of 21, but now we have 80+ people working.

What should a person prepare for a trip?

According to research by American travel companies, Asians are among the most popular people to travel. If the exam is long and there are a lot of numbers, I recommend that you go behind an Asian person and take the number. Because Asian people don’t carry a lot of unnecessary things. The transaction is considered smart.

It’s fine if you always take your own hot drink with you on any airline in the world. There is a risk of flight delays. You should also carry snacks, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and multiple layers of clothing in your bag. American planes are very cold. Asian airplanes are warmer and different.

In general, the service of our Asian airlines is better. In general, Asian companies such as Singapore, Korean airlines, and Japanese airlines are among the best companies in the world. Among them, I am very satisfied with MIAT company. Join the company with the cleanest planes in the world. And they provide food delivery on a two-hour flight between Beijing and Ulaanbaatar. It is not an easy task.

Thank you and good luck with your work.

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