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Going to Africa to do volunteer work with my daughter was the best choice

Going to Africa and Mongolia to do volunteer work with my daughter was the right move. Having visited Africa several times before, I decided to take my daughter with me. Before I left, my daughter saw a picture of me with black children and asked me many things that she had never seen before. Showing a child a place from an early age and making him relax as much as possible seemed to change the child’s consciousness a hundredfold.

When my daughter and I were in Africa, a child said, “You are a Chinese child,” and she came in crying. So, “my daughter went and explained that she is Mongolian” but she immediately went and said it. And there are many things, such as being mocked as “flat-faced” once. My daughter no longer cowers or shuts up when she sees a black or yellow person. I understood that everyone has equal rights and they should be treated on the same level.

I traveled alone through fourteen provinces of Mongolia. Happiness is something we do every day without even realizing it. It’s happiness until you wear dry socks. On the fourth day of the trip, I was walking in Bayankhongor province. The lightning flashed and it rained so hard that all the clothes got wet. The rain stopped, but I couldn’t find a ride, so I walked. It’s night. How nice it was to sit on a useless bus stop and put on dry socks. We don’t know because we wear dry socks every day. In general, drinking water is happiness. There is no water in Gobi, so I distilled my urine and drank it. Faced with death, one wants to live somehow. He also left without food. At that time, when I was at home, I would get up in the morning, drink tea, come back in the evening and cook and eat, and I realized how happy I was. Before, it was seen as a daily mechanism rather than happiness.

At the age of 17, he went to England alone because he thought he could live on his own. I have been robbed, fired from my job and evicted from my apartment many times. In those difficult times, it was not someone with wealth or power, but people who were earning the lowest wages and who seemed to have a difficult life. One day, after work, I wanted to cry because my bus card to go home ran out of money and I couldn’t go to my house on the other side of the city. The woman, who was walking alone, was very afraid, and the man left something next to me, which was a bus card. I could have used it myself, but this is what the person gave me to help me. Anyone other than me would have been a helper. A person who is tired understands the suffering of others. Oh, it was New Year’s Eve.

I was driving with my father and I had an accident and I jumped out of the window and was lying there. When I wake up, I wonder what happened to my father. A chair fell on my father and he was lying unconscious. When she pushed everyone away and woke up the father, the first thing she asked was, “Is my son okay?” When we both got up, got dressed, and were going home, my father said, “Don’t make such a sad face, it will worry my mother.” People live for their loved ones, not for themselves.

After graduating from the twelfth grade, on the day of the bell festival, my mother came to congratulate me in the morning and went to work in Russia in the evening to improve her life. My brother and I were told that we would only stay for a week and left twenty thousand MNT. My mother didn’t come, my younger brother and I spent twenty thousand tenge and we sat believing that mother would come soon. No word from mom, it’s been fourteen days. The money ran out, and at that time children’s allowance came in, so forty thousand MNT came in for two children. The two children, who had nothing to worry about but their mother, saved their money and were running out of money. It all started with the sudden emergence of problems such as housing, electricity and water bills. Due to the power outage and difficulties, I sent my younger brother to the camp to my grandmother. I stayed there thinking that at least my brother would not lack food and drink, and I would die here.

But everything was not as easy as I thought. At that time, I felt like I was left alone. I spent two days looking up at my house without electricity and thought about all the things that could happen to me in the world. “If you go to university, how are you going to pay for it yourself? You can’t pick yourself up when things like this are happening, can you? What are you doing lying around?” thinking that, I went to my cousin’s and sat at her mobile phone counter for a few days and raised money by selling many cases that were my phone’s style. My mother also came at that time. When I saw it, I wanted to hug her and cry, but I thought, “It must have been harder for my mother than me in the human land.”

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