After losing my first child, I wrote more than 170 emails to Disney and got the official rights

We prepared everything so that our two children would not miss anything. My husband bought everything pink. Pink stuffed toys, pink lullabies, pink clothes. The cutest among them were baby shoes with pink bows that my sister gave me. Even with a glass tirco. Very small. Being the first child, I am very excited. He welcomed his daughter with great preparation. It was only 20 days after my daughter was born, and she developed jaundice. He was taken to the hospital because his jaundice did not subside.

My child was seen by the doctor when he showed me that his diapers were full of poo and he had to change them. He immediately took me out of the room and told me to stay calm.

Many doctors rushed into that room and after a few minutes came out and said that your daughter is dead. That was the hardest time of my life. When I was feeling so hard, the doctors poured cold water on me, saying that the tank would explode. The pressure is falling. But at that time I did not feel anything. I lost my long-awaited child. A man is broken inside. My man will not shed a single tear next to me. Even my brother, who doesn’t smoke, smoked after watching me breastfeed, it was so painful. After that, when my husband and I were going out, children selling gum and books would come in, and without their consent, we would buy them with our whole day’s wages. My husband works as a waiter in karaoke and is also a student. I am a student who works as a salesperson in a department store. I go to orphanages with the money I was saving for my children.

I support the things that are being done here and there for the children. I don’t eat well. At that time, my mother said that when you lost your 1-month-old child, what would we do if you, who had raised you for 21 years, fell ill? From that day on, I laugh as much as possible, and if I want to cry, I only cry in bed at night. It feels good to see mothers holding their children. Happiness returned after coming to me. I didn’t believe in religion before, but I went to all the best monks, shamans and monks. Then one person told me that I see the number 2, wait for winter. They said that in 12 or 2 months you will be pregnant and have a son. My husband and I started watching the test every day, maybe around 12 months. All tests were taken in bulk. Meanwhile, 20 is the new year of our work. The day I was preparing to go to Yolkon. That day, I saw 2 lines on the test. I can’t believe it, I watched it again. 2 more dashes. Just like the other person said.

I told my husband and he said that now we both won’t tell anyone. Even so, I was moved and told my family first. It is very difficult as a child who came here wanting too much. When I go in and take 1 kg of something, blood comes out. At that time, I was also a salesman in a graduate student store. He even took leave from school because children are the most important thing. That’s how we adopted our two sons. We both went to China on scholarship after graduation. When I went there, my next daughter was found when my son was a 6-month-old baby. After giving birth to my daughter, I realized how much happiness and color children add to life. After feeling the preciousness of children, I fell in love with children even more. Children will be spoiled. We will do everything we can for our children. He will take care of all the hygiene of what he wears and eats and drinks. As soon as my daughter reached her birthday, she started imitating what her mother was doing. She screams and cries trying to paint her nails and put on a mask. Once I visited my sister in America. When I go here and there, I accidentally give my daughter perfumes and beauty products.

And the Disney Store has exactly the kid’s nail polish I’ve been wanting. Eco-friendly for children. I was happy to find such a thing and bought many for my daughter, relatives and friends’ children. But that varnish does not come regularly and is rarely sold. That’s why they went to the Disney store in every state of America and collected them little by little. Don’t you have a few leftovers to put in your suitcase and give as gifts to everyone? I put it on the internet to sell it at whatever price it would be, but it disappeared in a flash. It made me feel good to see how excited my daughter was when she got that nail polish, and to think that other children would be as happy as my daughter was. Wrote an awful lot of emails to Disney. For the whole 2 years. Calling the phone will take your American to the next level, which is scary. Once it is received at a low level, it disappears when it is passed on. Meanwhile, my 3rd daughter was formed in my stomach. My daughter’s life was at risk, so she went there to give birth to me in America. During that time, I continued to write my email. When my daughter was born, It was like bringing the dream with me. After writing almost 170 emails, and only 4 days after the birth, I received the long-awaited reply email from Disney.

I, the one who was born with stitches and could not even walk, is screaming with joy after reading that email. I needed a lot of money to get the official rights. The hotel booked for the meeting was going to cost 2 million MNT per day. But my budget is tight. The family refused to take out a loan of 100,000,000 million and get the official rights of Disney. Everyone said I couldn’t fail. Humans have their own instincts. I trusted my instincts. I even asked for a loan. I didn’t know anyone, so I ran into any State Bank. When I met with the economist, he gave me a very long demonstration that you need to create such and such things. As I was running out of time, I couldn’t manage to complete them in the rest of the day. I went straight to the director’s office and told him all the facts and asked him, “This is the key to my life, please help me.” Then the director called his economist and said, Well, you help this child. We should give loans to such people. My younger brother said that he will go and come after the ticket. I didn’t believe it. No one can come out like a bird and issue a loan of 100 million in just 2 days. Indeed, my loan was cleared within 2 days and I was flying that night. I thought everything would be fine when I went to Los Angeles, but the Disney officials said, Well, now you are going to get your plane tickets to New York. The 2-hour ticket is expensive.

How much of the other 100,000,000,000,000 will I spend? It wasn’t long before my sister underwent a serious brain surgery, but she translated and went with me despite the long flight just to get me back on my feet. Then I flew back to LA from New York. Arrived at the hotel. In the morning, the other Disney representatives said, let’s have tea and coffee together. They must go to the VIP level of their hotel. Got a $59 Latte. It was really hard to get past my throat. It is impossible to buy a Latte for more than 100,000 MNT in Mongolian money, I am in debt. In doing so, he was getting official rights to no avail. I felt a sense of pride when I found out that I was going to be the first official Disney baby cosmetics sales in Asia. Our first container just landed in January 2020. I got off 10 days before my arrival time, and at that time I was going to give birth tomorrow, but I was happy just by distributing the beautiful goods to the stores. After that day, the mother gave birth to the baby in the morning. After Zia was born, all the shops were closed due to the outbreak of Covid-19. After the useless curfew was lifted, I wanted to go back to work in May, but then the department store burned down and my goods were reduced to ashes.

Then there was the curfew again because of Covid. Eventually I got discouraged. Well, just when you think that everything will be fine, something happens. Big companies asked me if I would sell my official rights for 300 million MNT. At the same time, a person who has never won a lottery won 30,000 MNT from the VAT receipt. It’s even from the milk I bought for my son. I was very impressed with that. When my husband came in the evening, he opened his notebook and now he was sitting there thinking that he would kill him. At first, he started all this almost like a stilt trade and without any capital, and then he got here and then he didn’t leave everything as if nothing had happened. I want to be a good mother to my children and a person who makes many children happy. Because a child’s laughter is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen.

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