America is not a dream country, but you can live your dream here…

Only you can create and live what you imagine as a dreamland, the image that you imagine in your mind and bring to your eyes. Where is the land of your dreams, where can you find it, the answer to all of this lies within you. How to find it? It’s easy. Close your eyes, think, imagine, draw it in your imagination, and save it! You will one day go to the place that you dreamed of and wanted to go to. The main thing is to constantly imagine yourself there, think, constantly talk to yourself that you are going there, and that’s it. Once you know, you will be amazed at all the beautiful things you have been there.


I came to America in 2016. But this is not my first time. The student exchange program gave me the opportunity to come to America on vacation in the summer of 2010. In this 4th month of summer, I discovered myself. Should I say that I was in my twenties when I couldn’t be locked up? America’s culture, lifestyle, environment, society, and people’s behavior all felt like a world away. But what about that? Peace! Denver city was such an environment, such a place where you can feel the peace from everywhere, where everyone has a smile on their face, always smiling. The place where I first set foot and lived made me want to return and created my dream. Also, I met a lot of nice people and became good friends, leaving behind unforgettable memories of my life, which is the reason why I came back to America. Since then, my desire to come back and work and live here for a while, if not for a lifetime, brought me here in 2016. As the saying goes, the time came in 2016. At that time, I quit my job, pursued a visa to come to America, created everything in just two months, arrived in Chicago in September, and started life in a completely new world.

Student life, especially international student life, is never easy. A person’s perseverance, tenacity and perseverance will lead him. Besides, other people, especially money, will never help. You can’t do everything just because you have money. Students studying abroad, especially students from our country, usually earn money by working while studying. Among such students, persistence and hard work lead to what they want and do what they want. Is America really the land of dreams? I say no. But I live like a dream. Why? I like traveling, hiking, exploring new things, challenging myself, dangerous games, sports, extreme travel, etc. According to him, I have traveled to more than 20 states, lived and worked in 3 big cities, and am thinking about where my next destination will be. Of course, my travels were mostly by car. Hiking in summer and winter is difficult, especially for women! But that’s because my interest is between flying and building cars. It all comes at a cost. I pay my own expenses. In addition, nothing is impossible. If you want you do it, if you do it you will achieve it. This is my principle. I have moments of laziness, but I do. I always try to keep my promises to myself and others. Of course, it all depends on you. I am currently studying for a master’s degree. Of course, first I studied language training. I cannot say that I have a perfect language. It’s been over 2 years and I’m still not perfect. This is another manifestation of my laziness. But my persistence and perseverance got me here. We are also waiting for where it will be delivered in the future.

Living in America is not easy. Because there is a principle of EARNING but PAYING back. It’s the principle that you work and earn money, but pay taxes back as you earn. Also, the cost of living varies depending on where you live. For example, in some places, taxes and living costs are high, while in other places, it is almost 50 percent lower. If you can’t spend properly and plan your life properly, you will live paycheck to paycheck just like in Mongolia. I am starting a business. He is proud to see anyone who has his own business, especially Mongolians. There are so many competitors and so many tax contributions, so if you are making a profit, you need to spend properly and plan properly. If you have a business idea, but you can’t get it started properly, you will be the fastest among many competitors. Ordinary working people also spend 50% of their income on the cost of living and save money on the side.

What I see is the mentality of GET IT ALL. Everything is work, labor, money, responsibility. But back to Tol. This seems to be the most correct principle of this country and everyone is aware of it. If you get a good job or position here, you should act responsibly, and if you take responsibility, you have a responsibility to share it with others. The most important thing is awareness. Consciousness to spread, Consciousness to do things diligently, Consciousness to help others, Consciousness to respect others. All this seems to come through the genes of the American people, embedded in their blood and flesh. It’s a country that lets you know that if you don’t live responsibly, this is not your environment.

I see the responsibility directly in the family of this country. Prioritizing becoming a parent, they do not rush into family life, but wait until they are ready to start living together. And time planning. People who managed to adapt him very well. There is no one who does what he has to do only during working hours, and who stays almost after the working hours. Because he works according to his plan and finishes his work.

What makes me think that America is not the land of the dream is the way people interact. If you can’t express yourself and make yourself understood, you’re nobody, especially if you can’t be confident, no one will consider you. A citizen of a secondary country or a foreigner is only a foreigner in any country. But it’s up to you to be happy with yourself and live like a dream. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE-DO IT IF YOU WANT TO DO IT, YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT.

Gunbold’s Narantsatsralt

San Diego, California

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