The Mongolian singer, who tends cattle in Armenia, said that she is satisfied with her current life

A Mongolian woman named Bayandolgor of Oyunchime living in Armenia talked about her life. O. Bayandolgor married an Armenian man named Graata Yeritsyan 14 years ago. At that time, her husband was a builder working in Ulaanbaatar. Soon, O. Bayandolgor had a daughter named Warsik and a son named Arshak. They were both born in Mongolia. However, due to her husband’s illness, she moved to Armenia. While in Mongolia, Graata Yeritsyan had a heart attack, and doctors advised him to live in a lower country than Mongolia. Mongolia is located at a high altitude above sea level, and the climate of Mongolia was not suitable for Armenians.

B. Oyunchimeg, who moved to Armenia in 2011, now lives in Antaramekh village, Gegharkunik region, Armenia with his son and daughter. Although her husband is from Martuni village, she came to Antarameh village because she could not find a place to live in her native village. In 2011, they went to Antarameh village and found a house that was about to collapse and repaired it. But in 2015, O. Bayandolgor’s husband died of a heart attack.

Antarameh village is a small village located at the foot of Gegama mountain and has 163 inhabitants. Most of the people here are immigrants from the village of Armenians in the Shamkor region of Azerbaijan.

Neighboring Armenia and Azerbaijan have been at war for many years over land ownership, and many Armenian villages belong to Azerbaijan.

Anyway, these people from Azerbaijan established Antaramekh village in 1988-1989. Here, a Mongolian woman named O. Bayandolgor, like other residents of the village, is engaged in animal husbandry, which is the main source of livelihood, and grows vegetables and melons. Antarameh village is located at an altitude of 1575 meters above sea level and has no dirt roads and rough dirt roads. Therefore, a team of Armenian journalists who wanted to go there to report on the Mongolian woman changed their wheelchairs.

On the way to Antaramekh village, Armenian journalists noticed that even the neighboring provinces knew about the Mongolian family. But after visiting the village, the Antara-Mexicans said that the Mongolian woman is very hardworking and often goes to the forest to collect firewood and comes home with firewood on her donkey. Anyway, Armenians treat Mongolian women very well, and O. Bayandolgor also considered them very friendly.

According to him, he and his two children are happy in Armenia and one day they will go to Mongolia, but now I don’t want to go back. His 11-year-old daughter Varsik and 9-year-old son Arshak have almost forgotten Mongolian when they go to school to learn Armenian, but they speak Mongolian when their mother’s relatives speak to them. But because the phone bill is very expensive, he can’t talk to his relatives all the time.

Also, 9-year-old Arshak said, “My relatives speak very fast, so I can’t understand them well.” O. Bayandolgor, a woman who became a cattle herder in Armenia, was a singer in Mongolia. Then he showed his photo album with many pictures of him singing on stage to journalists and said that he is satisfied with his current life in Armenia.

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