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The more a person becomes rich through his work, the more he will not waste his money on cotton cloth with a logo…

I really don’t like seeing girls wearing Chanel, Prada, Egmes up to their toenails, Bulgari, and Rolex kids talking about economics, politics, business, and teaching life.

It’s like going to the best school, growing up without anything, starting life from the top of the mountain, mistaking it for your own, wearing a brand name, driving a Range Rover, and working for a whole month to earn the price of a gold mask…

The more people become rich through hard work, the more they don’t want to waste their money on cotton cloth with logos. A person who is creating wealth with his mind and enjoying his virtue does not really need someone else’s envy or the sadness of being offended by his fate. The young, bourgeois people who produce all those brands have never seen a logo in Europe. There was a rich man who owned a ski resort in the Alps, who sewed and wore his own clothes, and was worried about offending a stranger with unnecessary things. My Japanese sister, who owns a hotel chain, wears Uniqlo and walks around with a cloth bag.

For a conscientious person, carrying an expensive bag and running into someone who can’t afford it is as immoral as walking proudly in front of a legless person. At least, seeing the things he wore and showed off, how many of these young people are offended by their unfair fate, yearn for unnecessary things, and become materialistic? How many lose faith in living in such a senseless society that values others by the shoes they wear and the bag they carry? How many of them show off their bodies, are despised by girls who brush their chins, and dedicate their miserable lives to money?

How many people have a life and the money that can make life flow to Italian and American stores? I will say. Five years ago, the list of regular customers of the world’s No. 1 luxury service company did not include the names of Mongolian politicians. Our members, politicians and rich people do not have the language to find a hotel across the border, see places, their wives and children do not have enough knowledge and knowledge to shop and order brands, so that company opened a branch to serve our people in Mongolian. The money they spend is probably a significant percentage of Mongolia’s budget.

The main thing is that the media and educational channels should at least stop advertising and advertising the children of the rich, who spread and advertise this evil materialistic propaganda that infects young girls with their greed for money, makes them become foreign old people, makes young people without dreams, lacks courage, and kills them.

When will we end up seeing things and opening our eyes?

L. Anu-Ujin

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