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Businessmen who run GER camping businesses in the United States

There are GER camps operating in the United States, and they supply felt GER from Mongolia.

According to “Airbnb Report on Travel & Living”, the demand for home camping rentals has increased since 2019. There are about 100 home camps along the South Platte River in Colorado. During the pandemic, home rental services increased by 13 percent. Colin Sternagel, who lived in Mongolia for seven months before founding the SunTime Yurts company, says, “The felt homes are imported from Mongolia in Central Asia. It looks small, but it’s comfortable to live in.

Isn’t it amazing to think that Genghis Khan lived in a house like this. “Felt houses are durable and quick to assemble.”

Paula Sabloff, an anthropologist who organized the exhibition “Modern Mongolia: Promoting Genghis Khan,” said that it was strange that a Mongolian family could tear down and rebuild a house in less than an hour. The home’s simple structure belies sophisticated engineering. Walls, door frames, beams, central rings or numbers combine to create balance. The house is insulated depending on the weather.

Russell Pretchil, who opened Solar Solitude Camp last March, said, “My neighbor admired the structure of the house because it was not anchored to the ground. He was also amazed at the interior decoration. One of the most attractive features of a felt house is its round shape. “The circular space feels open and spacious.” Solar Solitude’s home was unusual in terms of interior design. New Jersey State Park has a cozy modern style home camp. It’s unbelievable that everything we need, from the couch to the kitchen to the shower, is all under one conical roof. “There are few right angles in nature and in human culture,” says Peter Forbes, who rents 20 homes at Knoll Farm in Vermont. “If you want to be more in touch with nature, live at home.”


In 1962, he received a doctorate in education from Harvard and read about the Mongolian home in the National Geographic article. The traditional design of the Mongolian house has been tested, the felt has been replaced with wooden panels, and the European style has been incorporated.

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