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The splendor and tragedy behind the city of Dubai

Being a citizen of Dubai is a guarantee of great dignity. According to a study, the citizens of Dubai earn three times more than the average American. The basis of profit is that Dubai’s budget is 70% from oil and petroleum and 30% from tourism. However, from 2030, oil production is likely to decrease to 30%.

Dubai – what is behind the skyscrapers, the eye-watering luxury cars, and the elegant and shiny things that empty the wallets of tourists?

In this country, there is a continuous 14-hour working day.

Dubai was planned 10-20 years ago. This city was built by ordinary workers working 14 hours a day in the scorching sun. Dying on the job is a simple matter. There is no accountability here.

If you kiss openly, you will go to jail!

Dubai is known as the democratic city of the United Arab Emirates. But holding hands and kissing are prohibited by law here. Tourists are also likely to go to jail.

An ancient profession

It is said that prostitution is prohibited from the night streets, but the most encouraged business is the sale of “nightflies”. 30,000 “butterflies” appear on the streets of Dubai in one night, and law enforcement officers do not “see” them at all.

The desert city is located in the middle of a huge body of water.

Because there is a lot of oil in the desert, a huge water city was built in a place without a drop of water. But because everything has an end, no one has yet guessed the future of this city after the inexhaustible oil runs out.

The Middle East and the United Arab Emirates have oil reserves, but gold reserves are running out, and the Dubai government did not want to think about other consequences.

If you can do a job that is not racist, you will make money. Young people who are able to work are mainly coming from China, India and Pakistan.

Dubai – the eternal city, is a success in dealing with waste, sewage and chemical waste, but few organizations contribute to the work of the sewage system. But the fact that the problem has been solved makes it easy to throw everything into the sea.

The state does not respond to it in any case, and against these problems, you are rarely encouraged.

Hey Speeding car = accident

Dubai – the city has a high rate of road accidents. One of the high-risk games that expensive sports cars and their drivers like to race

Everything in Dubai is fake

City artificial island, artificial tree, artificial pool. Artificial smiles were also built to make the townspeople look like they were living in a royal palace.

Part of the plan works, but it’s hard to live there. Everything looks good on the outside, but it looks like an eternal celebration. But there is another side to the coin.

There are many poor people who are struggling to survive. Taxes not paid on time will be sent directly to prison.


Sonapur – a slum

A neighborhood of immigrants from third countries. They have 8 people living in one room. The issue of sanitation does not concern the city authorities at all. That’s why all the owners of the beautiful country have an iron heart.

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