Peter Paltczyk: “I won’t forget you” cried when we ate together and gave him the shirt

A photo of a foreigner helping a poor old man on the street and giving him his shirt and food was published a few days ago and is still receiving a lot of respect and gratitude from the public. His name is Peter Paltchik, who helped Mongolian citizens and had a warm heart.

The athlete of the national judo team of Israel is coming to our country to participate in the Grand Slam, which will be held in Ulaanbaatar on the 24th-26th of this month. Paltchik, who will fight in the -100 kg category of the tournament, is a European champion judoka who won a bronze medal in the team category at the Tokyo Olympics. The bronze medalist of the “World Masters”, two gold, two silver, four bronze medals of the Grand Slam, four gold and two bronze medals of the Grand Prix tournament talked to him.

Peter Paltczyk said, “I didn’t help Mongolians to attract others’ attention, likes, or access.” Just wanted to help. I didn’t expect that my photo would go viral and that people would know that I helped. Not only Mongolians, but people from many countries continue to send me letters and express their gratitude. “I want to successfully respond to the enthusiasm of the Mongolians who have won a medal from the Grand Slam in Ulaanbaatar and said “Thank you,”” he said.


– Your picture of helping Mongolian citizens is spreading on the Internet and receiving many thanks. have you seen

– What to do with or without seeing. I did not expect that the picture of helping him would be spread like this, that people would know. When I woke up the next morning after helping that person, many Mongolians had written chats expressing their happiness and sent photos to my Instagram account. When I saw it for the first time, I was shocked and thought “Wow”.

I was surprised and very happy when so many people said “Thank you” and sent a chat.

I didn’t help the Mongolian man to be noticed or noticed. I didn’t even want to get access and become a star. I took my shirt off just because he needed it. He helped because he needed help. I was so happy to take off my shirt for him.

– What prompted you to help the Mongolians like that?

– That day I went to a restaurant with my national team. A poor citizen was sitting there alone. He asked us for food and tried to sit with us. The waiter kicked him out and said, “Don’t disturb others.” Then we said, “Okay, sit with us.”

He sat and ate with us and talked a lot. We had a great conversation. He talked about himself and what he used to do. He was a very interesting person. We had a great time. After more than an hour, he said, “I’m tired. I went home.” So we gave him food and some money. He hugged us and said, “Thank you.”


And he left the restaurant. After he left, I felt something missing. I followed him and looked for him. I ran about 200 meters and found him. He went behind him and took off his shirt. “I’m giving it to you,” I said. He took my shirt and cried. I was also moved and cried. I hugged him and he said to me: “Peter, I will never forget you.” I will never forget him either. That person remained in my heart. I will never forget meeting him.

– That Mongolian left a deep impression on you. Did you meet again?

– Unfortunately, we did not meet. I don’t know where he is or his phone number. I wish I knew the number. I’ll see you on the phone.

– He said that you gave him the valuable shirt he wore when he participated in the Olympics. Really?

– True. It was my most loved, loved and treasured shirt. Do you have the shirt I wore at the Olympics? I didn’t even think about that when I gave him the shirt. Because he needed my shirt more than I did.


– The Mongolian people are happy for you and write many beautiful comments. How do you feel?

– Of course, it’s beautiful, what if it doesn’t feel good? “Peter, you’re a great guy. “Thank you very much for helping the tired people of Mongolia,” I was shocked when he first said. Because at that time I thought people didn’t know about it. A lot of people are still writing “Thank you” chat.

– Is there a thank you message coming from abroad?

– Many are coming. The citizens of our country, the International Judo Federation, and my family already know. My family said, “We are proud of you.”

– If I’m not mistaken, did you post about this on Facebook yesterday?

– Yes, it did. I wrote in my story yesterday that I would like to thank you Mongolians for your warm spirit and words of encouragement. He also posted on Facebook.

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