Mongolian youth who saved 216 lives from the man who opened the plane door and tried to make people fall during the flight

It was reported that when a Filipino suicide bomber attempted to hijack Flight SX712 flying from Thailand to Hong Kong, a Mongolian businessman named Z. Buyannemeh, who was traveling on the plane, fought with him and saved the lives of the passengers.

In his statement to the police, the Filipino suicide bomber admitted that he was responsible for the downing of flight SX712 of the Hong Kong “Cathay Pacific” airline. The suicide bomber, who took this role, was alone on the plane and had to open the door of the plane and threaten the passengers with a knife without getting up from their seats. But his operation was interrupted by a young man named Z. Buyannemeh, a Mongolian citizen, who saved the lives of 216 passengers. He was assisted by the co-pilot of the plane. The plane made a safe landing, and Hong Kong police, ambulances, airline executives and the media arrived at the scene.

So, I met and talked with Z. Buyannemeh, who saved many people’s lives. He came to Mongolia yesterday.

– Mongolians are proud of you for saving many lives. Would you like to talk about what happened at that time?

– I was traveling to Thailand on flight SX712 from Hong Kong. I sat in business class, second row from the front. I saw a man passing by. And I remember about 20 minutes before the plane landed. Suddenly, three flight attendants screamed and left. When I looked, I saw that one person was struggling with the other three attendants, trying to open the front door of the plane. Another male servant, who tried to stop him from doing this, hit him with his hand and knocked him down.

I was listening to music at that time. After seeing this situation, we put our hands around the other person’s throat and after a little struggle, we both fell back. At this time, the flight attendant helped the other person to safety. So he was handcuffed and his legs were tied with white rope. So, the Korean who was traveling with me on that plane pressed his head and sat in the middle of the plane until it landed safely.

– What were you thinking when you faced the suicide bomber?

– I did not know at that time that he was a suicide bomber. At that time, I didn’t have to think about anything. I just felt like I had to make him safe for some reason. But no one wants to sit and fall to their death. After the plane landed, I was made to wait in the plane for about an hour.

– Why did you wait?

– I was asking about the incident. Then they asked if you are okay and should you go to the hospital. I’m fine, and my next flight was waiting, so I didn’t need to stay there long. People came and asked me which country I was from, whether I was a police officer or an army officer. So, no, I am an ordinary Mongolian businessman.

– How many passengers were on the plane?

– I didn’t know how much it was at that time. It was learned that 216 passengers had left after the last disembarkation. When I got off the plane, people clapped and thanked me, which felt good. Then the Mongolian guy announced that he had saved many people’s lives.

– The passengers must have been quite nervous. Were there children?

– Of course, he looked nervous. I was sitting far in the front, so the people behind me didn’t see exactly what happened. There were two children, a man and a woman, in the seat next to me.

– “Cathay Pacific” company received and met. How do you express your gratitude? And the police and the press of the country expressed their gratitude to you?

– The management of the airline received and expressed their gratitude. Thank you very much for what you have done. Saving the lives of 216 people is truly admirable. Then, as a guarantee, they exchanged their email addresses to contact me.

– Didn’t the suicide victim cause any damage to your body?

– The Hong Kong police and ambulance asked me to go to the hospital for a medical examination. But I didn’t go to the hospital because nothing happened except that my left finger felt a little uncomfortable.

– There is a rumor that the office of the President is speaking. Will you be rewarded?

– Oh, I don’t know that. I didn’t save a life for any reward. I think I have fulfilled my duty as a citizen.

– What kind of work were you doing?

– I visit Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand once every three months. It is under medical supervision.

– Did your family know this information? Where are your parents from?

– I didn’t know. It’s like our friends just said. My parents are from Haliun Sum, Gobi-Altai province. My father worked in the public service all his life, starting with the head of sum. My mother worked as a general practitioner for more than 30 years and is now retired.

– How do you feel when many people send thank you messages to an ordinary businessman and ask him to talk to a newspaper or TV station?

– When I arrived in the morning (I landed in Ulaanbaatar at 05.30 yesterday morning), I woke up and turned on my phone. For me, I didn’t do anything to become famous. Naturally, Mongolians have courage and bravery in their genes. Actually, I remember reading an interview with Lou Bold, who was the Secretary of Defense, a few years ago. In that interview, he mentioned that “our peacekeepers ran to their guns when there was an explosion, while the foreigners ducked under the table.” So, there is bravery and warrior quality in the blood of Mongols.

– What kind of business do you do?

– I have been trying to do business since 2004. Has a small workshop for construction. He also works on mining projects.

During our meeting with him, the state watchman G. Gankhuyag came in. He has been friends with Z. Buyannemeh for many years, but they are also business partners. Khatsaga got answers to a few questions about his friend from G. Gankhuya.

– Where did you find this news? Of course, you are proud of your friend, right?

– Why not be proud of your friend. I found out about it on the Internet. And after reading the comments, I felt really happy.

– How long has it been since you two became friends? In general, what kind of personality is Z. Buyannemeh?
– Although we are not from the same region, we have been friends for many years. My friend is very interested in bodybuilding. In this field, many people were sponsored and participated in the competition. Our man is not afraid of any risk and makes bold decisions.

– They said that they learned how to “wrap” from the newspaper from you?
– Yes. I am often asked how to protect myself. I taught my friend how to “bind” a man, because men are a hard game country. And it not only protects your life, but also protects you from any danger in life.


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