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The wisdom of a single Korean mother living in America that surprised me

A single Korean mother told me this.

– All your Mongolians want their children to be better than themselves, but why do you make your children do the same menial work that you do? I want my child to live longer than me, so I will not do this work for my child.
That my child should not do what I do every day to outlive me.

This word really feels like it’s pulling through my brain.


Anyway, this quote I heard many years ago made me understand a lot.
But I don’t like what you have to say, but I’m sharing what I heard with you.
That Korean mother had a daughter in the 7th grade at that time, but she had already studied all the best universities in America.
I have to admit that I was a 8th grade girl with a child but I didn’t know anything about it.

A Korean woman, who is only two years older than me, is not very good at English, but she has been researching, searching and collecting everything for her children for a long time, preparing her daughter for the future.

Her morning started with getting up at 4 a.m. every morning to make her daughter walk in a different way, and running together to lose weight.
You should lose weight like our Mongolian queens, and I didn’t say that I was slim when I was like you. He worked hard to set an example and make his daughter beautiful.

However, during my 10 years of living in America, I did not meet a single Mongolian woman who spoke like this.
It’s sad, but it’s true that I haven’t met a single Mongolian mother who is trying to lose weight in Chicago.

When a single Korean woman works in a nail salon for 6 days, she will train her child to do something she has never done before. He will use all the money he earns to educate his children.
He sends his daughter to golf, music, chess and swimming clubs.
I noticed that neither mother nor daughter had any free time.

But our family prefers to take their children to the circle section, because it’s summer, and show them around the city and state as they say.
Unfortunately, the child of the family who says he’s visited all 50 states is probably going to the nail salon or driving a truck these days.

What worries me the most is that for our children, who today say they came to America for their children’s education, coming to America and becoming a nail technician and truck driver was really a big “educational” goal???
I say no.

The circular section here is also quite expensive.
But even if we both work together, we will let our children work in nail salons, etc., or think about community college when thinking about their future.

Not to mention his daughter and children
– When I was your age, I was thin, beautiful, beautiful, I have seen many Mongolian mothers and fathers who would verbally tell me to lose weight.
It is most important to lead by example. Anyone can say it verbally.

Instead of rejecting the work, people will not reject the work.
Most of them come back to our path, we interact with people who look at us and forget that we are in this universe, and lead them to walk on the same path, and most of them stay stuck there.

In fact, they should enter and exit through doors that we have not opened, sit on chairs that we have not sat on, and look through windows that we have not seen.

I just wanted to say that there is a lot to learn from Koreans. How can we get away with empty self-praise and wearing oversized paper hats?

PS- Of course, not everyone was included in that way.
Because I don’t know everyone’s life at all. My super smart people make me write only about common things.
I apologize for having familiar friends who are too fat to get into. You will not be mentioned. Don’t be hostile to unnecessary things, you will only make yourself suffer.

Of course, not all Korean mothers are as smart as this Korean mother.
It is clear that there are intelligent and brilliant people among Mongolian mothers.
Let’s talk about the country where the other half of the river is woven.

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