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We talked to B. Unenbil, the owner of the resort “decorated” with the Mongolian flag in the Alps

In the distant Alps there is a comfortable house with the national flag of Mongolia. One wonders why the Mongolian flag was raised here. This is “Batceren” resort. The only Mongolian family in the Alps built this resort in Batcerengi Dunnbileg in 2018. But this family saw profit and did not build a resort. In order to make the Mongolians who came to rest in the Alps comfortable, even for a few days, half of their house was decorated as a resort. It also aims to create a sense of familiarity for compatriots who have lived in a foreign country far away from their homeland. This time, we talked to B. Unenbil, who is proudly helping the Mongolians in the human land, “flaunting” the Mongolian flag in the Alps.


– Hello. A few days ago, information about a Mongolian hotel in the Alps was posted in the “World Travelers” Facebook group, and people received it with great interest. When did your family settle in Switzerland?

-Good. Hello. My name is Batcereng Thunbileg. I came to Switzerland in 2002 and am still living there. I moved to the Alps in 2018. Ours is a very rich, industrial family. My wife and I decided to make the Mongolians who came here comfortable instead of leaving the house unoccupied after our children separated due to school, culture, and occupation.

– Did you say it can accommodate eight people?

– Yes. There are a total of five rooms in the apartment, including four bedrooms, a large living room, and a kitchen. It’s probably better to say it’s a resort than a hotel. Mongolians not only in Switzerland but also in Europe, if they come to the Alps on vacation, they will have to spend a lot of money on travel, lodging, and food. Resorts here are very expensive, and Mongolians like to have their own way. My wife and I first came up with the idea of accommodating Mongolians in our apartment for 25 francs per person per day (80,000 MNT) in order to feel comfortable and like being in Mongolia even when they come to a foreign country. There is everything from a garage to self-catering.

– You first visited Switzerland in 2002. Why did you go to the Alps from the city?

– It’s a long story. Long story short, after I came to Switzerland, I was working on a building and had an accident at work and injured my cervical spine. After sitting at home for a while, I decided to live in healthy air away from the footsteps and noise of many people and moved to the Alps.

– How quickly did a person get used to eating and getting used to going from the urban area to a small place?

-People think of the Alps as a very cold place. But not too cold. The coldest it’s been since we arrived was probably -18 degrees. It cannot match the coldness of our Mongolia. Two meters of snow fell two seven days ago. Today it is +3 degrees. The weather was nice, so it wasn’t too difficult to get used to eating.

– Where exactly are you in the Alps? What vehicles and trolleys are available?

– Ours is right in the center. It can be understood as the central part of the Alps, which belongs to the territory of Switzerland. In this area, there are large centers for recreation, hiking, mountain biking and sledding. Only one bus goes to our place. It is possible to arrive by train, but the station is 30 km away. Sometimes people who come without a car come to our place from the train station and I pick them up. When he returns, I will also take him back and welcome the next guest/laughs/


– How many Mongolians have come to your country since 2018? Have you both made a calculation? Are Mongolians still living there?

– Probably 400-500 people came with luggage. Now a family has arrived from France. Another family is going to be received in the afternoon. In general, there are many people in our place both in winter and summer. I also like to meet and talk with Mongolians and show them places to see.
-People often said that it is the only Mongolian family in the Alps. Are there any Mongolian families other than yours?

– There is no other family that settled in the Alps than ours. A few Mongolians living with foreigners live in cities near the Alps.

– It felt great to see the Mongolian flag raised in the Alps. In addition, there were pictures of wrestlers inside?

– There are many people here, with or without documents, who could not go to Mongolia due to their work. He decorated it like this to make people feel like they are in Mongolia and at home. Nearby hotels have nothing but beds to sleep in. But my wife and I tried to keep everything reminiscent of Mongolia. As for the wrestling pictures, I wanted to hang pictures of the mountains of Mongolia on my wall, but such pictures are rare. Then I took pictures from the 2017 wrestling calendar and “decorated” the wall.

– The Alps are famous for their beautiful nature. Does it feel different from Mongolia’s climate?

– It is very similar to Mongolia’s climate. For example, the atmosphere is very similar to our Khuvsgul. On top of the mountain, there are many lakes, trees, nuts, mushrooms, fruits, and all things that are found in Mongolian nature grow. Khuvsgul is called the Switzerland of Mongolia/laughs/.
– Of course, people will see from the picture. But to give us an idea, tell us about the view from outside your station. To the south of us are the high mountains of the Alps. In the background there are snow-capped mountains, while the mountains that are a little closer turn green in summer. Next to it, there is a river that originates from two mountains. The source of the Rhine River, which originates in the Alps and flows through a deep gorge through the territory of Germany and France, flows into the North Sea. A place surrounded by trees, mountains, rivers and streams.

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